Water treatment

Softening :  Industrial water softening is a process that utilizes ion exchange resins to reduce the concentration of calcium and magnesium ions. These alkaline earth metals can cause scaling and insolubility problems in the everyday uses of water by forming calcium and magnesium carbonate scales.

Typically, a Strong Acid Cation (SAC) resin is used and regenerated with sodium chloride (brine). In cases of high TDS water or high hardness levels, the SAC resin is sometimes preceded by a Weak Acid Cation (WAC) resin.

Softening Available Resins : GC104, GC107, GC108, MC001, MA113


Demineralization: also referred to deionization, is typically described as the removal of all cations (e.g. calcium, magnesium, sodium, potassium, iron and other heavy metals) and anions (e.g. bicarbonate alkalinity, chloride, sulfate, nitrate, silica and CO2) from a solution in exchange for H+ and OH- ions. This reduces the total dissolved solids of the solution.  This is required for many sensitive processes, such as high pressure boiler operation, food and pharmaceutical applications, and electronics production

Demineralization available resins :  GC107 ,GC108, GC109, GC110,GC116, MC001,MA113,GA102,GA104,GA105,GA107,GA202, GA213,MA201,MA202,MA213,MA301 

DL407 is for nitrate removal from the potable water.

DL408 is for arsenic removal from low sulfuric acid solution.

DL403 is for boron  from potable water.

Ultrapure Water: Dongli MB series are ready to use mixed bed resins  for ultrapure water are specially manufactured to meet the precise needs of the electronics industry for wafer and microchip production.  These needs require the highest possible water quality (<1 ppb Total Organic Carbon (TOC) and >18.2 MΩ·cm resistivity, with minimum rinse times), while eliminating contamination of the high purity circuits when ion exchange resin is first installed.

MB100 is for EDM wire cutting.

MB101,MB102,MB103 are for ultrapure water.

MB104 is for condensate polishing in power plant.

Dongli also supply  indicator MB resin, when the resin fails it will show another color, promptly reminding user to replace or regenerate in time.


Food and Sugar


Dongli offers a full line of high performance resins for all sugar ,corn, wheat and cellulose decolorization ,hydrolysate ,separations and refining operations along with purification of organic acids.

MC003, DL610,MA 301,MA313

Environment Protection

Organic Wastewater Treatment  Containing Phenol H103

Heavy metal removal, Arsenic (DL408) ,Mercury (DL405),Chromium(DL401)

Exhaust gas treatment (XAD-100)




Gold extraction from cyanide pulp MA301G

Uranium extraction from ore MA201, GA107

Chemical & Power Plant

Refined brine in ionic membrane caustic industry soda DL401,DL402

Treatment of condensate and internal cold water in thermal plants MB104

Preparation of ultrapure water in nuclear power plants.


Plant Extract & Separation


D101, AB-8 resins are application for extraction of saponins, polyphenols, flavonoids, alkaloids and Chinese herbal medicine.