Purolite announces the freight and packaging surcharge of 4%

Purolite Announces Freight and Packaging Surcharge for Ion Exchange, Catalyst, Adsorbent and Specialty High-Performance Resins.

King of Prussia, Pennsylvania – August 10, 2021 – Purolite Corporation is implementing a global freight and packaging surcharge for its ion exchange, catalyst, adsorbent and specialty high-performance resins in its Core Technologies business (residential, municipal, commercial and industrial). The surcharge is 4% and is effective immediately or as contracts allow.


As has been widely reported in the news recently, freight rates both domestically and internationally are skyrocketing. Pricing for haulage has increased 100%-600% depending on the route.Resin supply chain is being severely impacted.

As a major player in global market of ion exchange resin,Dongli still maintain its price level as same as a few months ago,no surcharge for its global customers.

Dongli Chemical is a leading manufacturer and supplier of ion exchange resincatalyst, adsorbent and specialty resins for water and non-water applications.The company is certified with ISO9001,WQA,EN12873 .



Post time: Aug-11-2021